Reasons Why Magento is the preferred choice for B2B? 

Reasons Why Magento is the preferred choice for B2B? 

To run a B2B ecommerce business isn’t always an easy feat, especially when you are a beginner to the world of e-commerce platforms.

What is B2B platform?

B2B platforms is an arrangement where trading of products and services takes place between businesses. And, B2B ecommerce solution is an online portal which allows business owners to sell their products online conveniently.

Start with B2B ecommerce platforms comparison

Designing a good website and including few calls-to-action doesn’t mean your business is successful. To establish a successful B2B business, you need a lot of planning and right strategies. Firstly, you need to conduct B2B ecommerce platform comparison among top B2B platforms. After deciding the right B2B ecommerce solution, start showcasing your products.

Brand that used magneto and doubled their business revenue

Rubik’s Cube is the number one brand in selling puzzle games. When they decided to expand their business online, they chose Magento B2B ecommerce solution. They knew expansion is the key to generate more revenue. They wanted a scalable platform which has ability to scale their business and expand its reach to various new countries. Using Magento Commerce 2, Rubik’s website was able to launch quickly. Within period of four months, they switched from catalog based site to a more interactive experience. Ultimately, Magento helped Rubik’s in generating more revenue and doubling their conversion rate.

Features of Magento as a B2B ecommerce platform

Consider these points while choosing Magento as B2B ecommerce solution.

  • With the release of Magento 2, it has become easier to manage accounts. Magento is also known for its custom pricing, rapid order entry, and other intuitive options.
  • It offers a self-service tool for B2B customers. This way it provides a better control over business accounts and associated users. Similarly, the admin gets more control over organizing and categorizing customer details, import or export data and even allot sales reps to individual customer’s accounts.
  • Magento also enables several buyers to share an account. Account owners can describe account roles and make changes to buyer permissions for number of situations. For instance, you can set limitations on which product listing a user can view.
  • Magento also offers native quote request functionality. This allows B2B customers to submit a request for a quote without using any plug-in or third party extension.
  • Payment options have always been the source of friction in B2B. However, the platform offers numerous payment options with credit terms. Magento 2 has native feature of extended credit options to customers.


Magento has everything to grow your ecommerce presence. So, prefer to choose it and attain more control.

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