Marketplace or webstore? Where should you sell your products?

Marketplace or webstore? Where should you sell your products?

The aim of any business is to sell so the platform you use to display your products and service shouldn’t matter, right?


When launching a business model, it is important that you align your business goals with the resources available on the b2b ecommerce solution for a productive outcome.

In this guide, we compare the most popular marketplace and website to help you decide the best and most profitable one for your business.

Shopify or Etsy?

Shopify is a unique webstore while Amazon is a marketplace that serves as a platform for millions of merchants and products. At amazon, you will be competing against many other brands serving similar products as you. However, Shopify is a specialized b2b wholesale platform where you are provided with the necessity tools to build your own business.

In simple words, Amazon is similar to having a stall in a large fair. Thousands of people pass by to browse and buy but they are not looking for your brand in particular. Shopify provides you with your own space for a business that you can customize accordingly to the demands of your business and consumer.

When it comes to setting up your business, both Amazon and Shopify offer hassle-free installation process. Simply sign up with the provider of your choice and start selling in minutes. They both offer different customizing options that can cater to various sellers.

However, Amazon has its own design that you have to implement in your product/service page. Meanwhile, with Shopify, the users can use the tools to create a unique branding concept for your business.

Attracting customers

Amazon dominates when it comes to attracting customers. This is because the marketplace already has a considerable amount of fan following so your traffic is presented on a plate without too much effort.

With Shopify, you must do all the SEO and marketing yourself. The service does provide the tools needed to succeed but you are responsible for your own traffic nonetheless.

Conclusion: Which platform to choose?

We recommend going for Shopify if you are looking for a b2b platform that gives you greater sense of control over your products. It is also a fruitful option for long-term success. Hhowever, there is an upfront cost associated with Shopify while Amazon has a varied price list for each product that you sell on their platform.

Consider each aspect of both the platform and decide on the B2B wholesale platform that best suits your business requirements. Good luck!

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